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When Your Best Friend is a Sapsucker

One of the few bird groups with a name sillier than woodpecker is the sapsucker.  To make matters worse, the poor sapsuckers are actually part of the woodpecker family, Picidae.  In North America, there are 22 species of birds in … Continue reading

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Costa Rica: a Paradise for Birders

  Look up information on Costa Rica and you will find it compared with the state of West Virginia in size.  This is a bit of a stretch, since West Virginia is nearly a fourth larger than the Central American … Continue reading

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Feeding Birds in the Winter

Just a few years ago it was thought that putting hummingbird feeders out in the winter would encourage birds to hang around past the time they might normally migrate south.  This concern has been proven false for quite some time … Continue reading

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The Incredible Hummingbird

It’s hard to imagine living in a place without hummingbirds, but most people in the world are not likely ever to see one. Better than three percent of the planet’s 10,000 bird species are hummingbirds, but they live only in … Continue reading

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